My Origin Story 🙂

I never considered myself an artist. I can barely draw or paint and don’t even get me started on the sculpting. Therefore, while I’ve always admired (and secretly envied) other talented artists around me, I’ve never dreamed of becoming one. For years, I tried to channel my bursting desire to create beauty into different outlets, taking hobbies like home decor or photography

The passion for jewelry design took me by surprise, not because I didn’t love design (or jewelry!), but because I had no trust whatsoever in my crafting abilities.  Afterall, the last work of art I remembered being birthed by my hands was the paper teddy bears I made to help me teach my kids in the class, back where I was a primary school teacher. Sure, I revisited these skills 15 years later when I had my own kid, but making cardboard pirate ships for your toddler birthday party can hardly qualify as craft or design.  I guess I owe the discovery of my own crafting to my husband. He gave me my first tool (a BigShot machine) as a gift in a time I thought I had two left hands. I started making easy fashion accessories and, encouraged by the result, I started flirting with all sorts of other techniques. It was not long until I moved on to wire and beads and now, I’m permanently hooked.

During my journey, I discovered that designing and making jewelry is foremost a technical skill. A skill you can learn, practice and perfect until you succeed in creating a beautiful piece. Sometimes, inspiration strikes and you make a pair of earrings in and hour, but most of the time is about trying and failing until you find the perfect combination of elements. It’s the desire to make it the way you wanted (and not get bored mid-way) that makes the best work.

I equally enjoy dreaming about designs and the process of finding the best technical solution for what I have in mind. For me, the thrill is in putting everything together, solving the final puzzle, emerging a piece of new from a heap of shapeless materials. Michelangelo once said that “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” So, I too, sit at my crafting table and I try to discover in the pile of metal and beads that is my block of stone, the beautiful piece of jewelry that I know it’s in there, I just have to find it.

(See what I did here? I put myself and Michelangelo in the same sentence. The bad news? I’m not Michelangelo. The good news? My jewelry cost less than the Sistine Chapel. Really, way less!)

Why Pink Jay

I never cease to be amazed by how much stunning beauty nature can create. I think nature is THE source of visual beauty in the world and we can only try to emulate it or copy it, we will probably never match it. But that’s fine, because if there is one thing we, humans, can do better is IMAGINE. We don’t need to copy, because we are blessed with the gift of taking what is and making it in what it would be.

One of my favorite pictures I found on the internet is this one.

I wish I could give credit here, but I don’t remember where I found it

This little bird is a jay, but I didn’t know it at the time I pinned it on my Pinterest board. It was hard to find its name because I kept looking for pink birds and Google kept telling me: no such thing, lady, if you want pink, we can give you other birds, like flamingos of stuff. I felt a bit dumb when I found out that my little pink bird was a photoshopped version of a blue jay, but I didn’t love it any less. If any, I liked it even more, because the Pink Jay is natural beauty viewed and enhanced through the lens of imagination. There is no such thing in nature as a pink jay, but if it would, it’d be beautiful. I see the world through the lens of colorful beads and shiny metals and I hope that every piece that I create will be the bearer’s little pink jay.

Jewelry is Communication

A friend told me once: “For me, jewelry is all about vibration.” I couldn’t agree more. For me, jewelry is too about emotion, about the feeling you have when you look at it, when you touch it, when you wear it. It’s about the way it makes you feel: sexy, happy, reflective, or sometimes rebel or angry at the world. Jewelry can be a way to express your feeling without words, can be empowering, can be even soothing. I can brush my fingers against the smooth enamel of the silver tortoise pendant my friend bought for me from Hawaii and start dreaming about the salty perfume of the island I never met. I can find comfort in wiggling my stacking rings that make my middle finger look stylish even when I am imagining showing it to all thing that made me angry in this world.

I channel my feelings through the jewelry I create and this is my way to share feelings, colorful memories and my own way of looking at the world.  None of my jewelry I wear or create is without its own story, its own emotion that I want to share. Because choosing and wearing a piece of jewelry means often communicating. Sometimes with others, most of the time with yourself.

And if my designs make you feel the same when wearing them, then maybe, just maybe, I am, in a way, an artist like Michelangelo. And this is enough reason for me to try.

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